… I’m hunting for job opportunities!


My whirlwind of a summer has come to an end and now it’s finally time to face the real world. Instead of heading to class like the rest of my friends, my days include a lot of time on an apartment futon and near maximum tab capacity Firefox windows.

So if you know of any tech or social media jobs in the New Jersey/Greater New York area, drop me a line!


I think one of the key reasons I’ve remained loyal to McDonalds chicken nuggets – aside from the fact that they’re delicious (I don’t care what you say) – is because of their amazing sweet and sour sauce.

I don’t know if my mom first ordered it for me or if it was a chance meeting but I feel like I’ve been eating this sweet sauce my entire life. Back before they started charging you for extra sauce, I used to keep them in the fridge and put them on chicken at home. I wouldn’t eat chicken nuggets anywhere else. My mom once tried to trick me into getting BK chicken nuggets because they had sweet and sour sauce too. It was all wrong. The same thing happened the first time I tried to get sweet and sour sauce at a Chinese restaurant. What was this dark red stuff with huge chunks of pepper in it? Where were my packets of golden deliciousness?

Needless to say, I grew out of my chicken nugget snob ways, but I’m still a big fan of the mcnuggets. So here’s to you McDonalds sweet and sour sauce!

That distincive green label 🙂

Oh, USA. Guess this is the end of the line for us, but we can at least be proud we got this far and that more people have been watching from our country than before.

It’s all up to England now! Oh, they better bring their game tomorrow, Germany is not a pushover. I finally got my ’06 jersey in the mail, so I’ll be proudly supporting the red and white tomorrow morning!

I got a sneak peak of the Instore Innovation Week that’s going on at the Kraft Court cafeteria in Glenview this week. I’m helping work the event on Thursday, so I had to go through “training” today, which really just means they showed off all of the exhibits to me.

The event is focused on how technology can be used in innovative and interesting ways to engage with the customer and to move towards a lifestyle experience. The Innovations group is using digital screes, video, and camera to provide fun and relevant material for customers, from recipes to shopping lists on your phone to goofy product photos and videos.

Some of the fresh technologies I got to see that were not directly related to Kraft, but setting the bar high for the retail experience non the less, included Razorfish’s Retail Experience as part of their Emerging Experience division. Using highly interactive and visually appealing touchscreen interfaces, the application enhances the instore experience with a look-book-esque theme that allows you to interactively click and find items in the store, add them to your wishlist, view where in the store they are, and then send all of that info to your phone using Microsoft Tag. The group has created a specific app based on this demo for JC Penny that I look forward to playing with in stores this fall.




World Cup fever is in full swing!

I’m loving every second of it, especially as my work is fantastic enough to let us watch the games as we work. Perks of being a “mobile” workspace.

Found a pub to set up camp in Evanston to watch the England v. USA match. I was surprised to not be the only England fan in attendance; in fact some of the patrons were legit Brits. England scored an early goal and the match was by far the most exciting one of the three I’ve watched. Unfortunately, USA came back with a goal themselves, but the game ended in a tie. I hope England pulls themselves together a little tighter. I really want to see them do well! It is exciting that the USA team is getting stronger though.

Favorite replay moment of the match? ABC kept showing this clip of Robert Green lifting his hand after the goal blunder, “My bad!”

Celtic Knot Public House

Gerrard Scores! (AP Photo)



I love listening to the sound of rain.
I’m at my apartment in Chicago with the porch open. It’s glorious.

Lightening over Chicago


The last thing I saw before I woke up

I finally finished one of the photoshop projects that I mentioned earlier this week. This is an image that I’ve meant to recapture in photoshop since late this summer. It’s the very final scene from a dream I had, and the image was burned into my brain when I woke up. Pretty surreal.

Sidenote: GQMF says LENS FLARE!!