Grape Soda


This week I’ll be heading to Kentucky to look at venues and hopefully, pick a place and time for our wedding!

Now that we’re getting close to making everything official, I’ve been getting excited about engagement shoots and save the dates. I’m facing a bit of a quandary on the photographer front. As we’re getting married in a different state, it makes it difficult to have the same photographer for the wedding and for an engagement; someone would have to travel. I’m already having a hard enough time trying to pick a wedding photographer (finding the right balance of quality and price), and I can’t imagine finding another one in New Jersey for the engagement pictures. I really wish some of my talented friends lived nearby and could do a photo shoot for us. I am considering contacting the arts department at Rutgers and seeing if I can find a student willing to take some photos for a small fee and the experience.

Anyways, enough stressing about all the possibilities. I’ve seen some really gorgeous e-sessions and I particularly love the themed sessions! This is one of my favorites (I’ve wanted to do an Up themed shoot even before I saw these):

Bonus themed wedding cake!

And to close, our personal Up moment. 🙂

Houston Airport, Summer of '09


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