One more use for that mason jar


One thing I’ve always loved about decorated spaces is the amazing things you can do with lighting.

Yesterday, on the drive home, I thought of a really neat outdoor lighting display that I want to try to implement for my outdoor wedding. Fireflies and Midwestern summer nights go together hand in hand. How neat would it be to having hanging mason jars filled with faux fireflies? My initial thought is that this could easily be accomplished using battery powered mini lights.

I knew I couldn’t have been the first person to think of imitating fireflies in a jar, and a quick google search proved right. Unfortunately, the existing options are not very affordable.

Firefly Magic seems to have a market in “smart” firefly lights for indoor and outdoor displays. They make a ready-made firefly jar that has realistic firefly blinking, but the “fireflies” are larger than I want and the jars are $25 each. They used to sell just the battery powered light strands, which I thought would be perfect…until I found out they were $60 each. Yikes.

I wonder how big the bulk discount is...

I’m still considering accomplishing this as a DIY project. I think it would probably be cheaper to order in bulk some mini light strands and mason jars. I realize that the lights probably won’t blink authentically, but they would still be very pretty. I could even drape them over a leafy branch in the jar.

This might just become another fanciful detail that gets axed (I’m discovering it’s really easy to get wrapped up in hundreds of different wedding details, which I probably can’t afford). If I do decide to proceed, I could always incorporate the jars as part of table centerpieces to cut down on that flower budget!

Some ending inspiration:


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