My Flip Flops Miss Me


As we prepare for yet another winter storm to freezer blast us, I thought I would share my mental model of winter.

Before Christmas, cold weather is charming: the leaves are changing color, fall is in the air! Everyone wants to wear sweaters and drink hot chocolate.  The first snow is always a magical occasion, the gentle falling of snowflakes and everything beautifully covered in a blanket of white. Most importantly, who doesn’t dream of a white Christmas?

That all changes after Christmas and New Years.

My mind always wants to believe that the end of the holiday season also means the end of winter. This probably has a lot to do with spending so many years in Vegas, but it’s true! What is there to look forward to in a winter without the holidays? I find myself almost immediately dreaming of shorts and flip flops, and of long warm summer nights outdoors. I’ll always be a Spring baby that thrives from warm, vitamin D filled rays.

My emotive sandals

I will admit that every fresh snow brings back a little bit of the magic of winter… until it’s time to brush it off my car! 🙂


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