Shopping with Jetpacks


I got a sneak peak of the Instore Innovation Week that’s going on at the Kraft Court cafeteria in Glenview this week. I’m helping work the event on Thursday, so I had to go through “training” today, which really just means they showed off all of the exhibits to me.

The event is focused on how technology can be used in innovative and interesting ways to engage with the customer and to move towards a lifestyle experience. The Innovations group is using digital screes, video, and camera to provide fun and relevant material for customers, from recipes to shopping lists on your phone to goofy product photos and videos.

Some of the fresh technologies I got to see that were not directly related to Kraft, but setting the bar high for the retail experience non the less, included Razorfish’s Retail Experience as part of their Emerging Experience division. Using highly interactive and visually appealing touchscreen interfaces, the application enhances the instore experience with a look-book-esque theme that allows you to interactively click and find items in the store, add them to your wishlist, view where in the store they are, and then send all of that info to your phone using Microsoft Tag. The group has created a specific app based on this demo for JC Penny that I look forward to playing with in stores this fall.



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