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I finally finished one of the photoshop projects that I mentioned earlier this week. This is an image that I’ve meant to recapture in photoshop since late this summer. It’s the very final scene from a dream I had, and the image was burned into my brain when I woke up. Pretty surreal. Sidenote: GQMF […]

The human capacity for fiction fascinates me. It manifests in so many ways. As children we use it for imaginative play, as adults for creative outlets, lying, day dreams, and anxiety driven hypotheticals. I am particularly guilty of the last one, as I found myself hurtling my consciousness into a fictional future last night, and […]



Today I learned all about how things can stray from the norm in sexual development. In the US there are only two options at birth, you’re either an M or an F, there is no “other” checkbox. Well that’s all you can be right? No problem. WRONG. Option 3: intersexuality. In some rare cases, what […]